My name is Rosie and I’m an English Shire.  I am 6 years old and 16 hands high. I am the biggest therapeutic horse at Ability. My speciality is tandem riding. Due to my size, I can carry two people on my back. The coach rides behind a person who cannot  support themselves on a horse. In this way they are able to enjoy a Therapeutic Horse Riding lesson just like anybody else! I am a gently lady with a heart of gold and an abundance of patience.


My name is Storm and I’m a Connemara pony. I am 6 years old and 11’2 hands high. I work with children who have a wide range of disabilities including those with mental health difficulties including stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. I am a kind, caring, protective and gentle little lady.


My name is Theodore and I’m an Irish Cob pony. I am 4 years old and 11’2 hands high. Although young, I am fantastic at the job I do. My speciality is working with children who have severe and profound disabilities. Many of these children have conditions such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, down syndrome, autism and visual & hearing impairments. Some of my friends are not able to talk or may have physical impairments which means that I have to take extra special care of them. I am a cool dude with a kind soul and patient nature.


My name is Beag and I’m a Kerry Bog Pony. I am 10 years old and 11 hands high. Being the smallest pony here means that I get to work with all of the younger children who have moderate physical and cognitive disabilities. I love being groomed and particularly enjoy taking part in Stable Management lessons where people learn about horse care and how to look after me properly. Although I am small, I more than make up for this with my huge heart, patience and cheekiness.


My name is Pride and I’m an Irish Cob pony. I am 9 years old and 14 hands high. I am a rescue horse. Before I came to Ability I had a hard life, but now I am very happy. I love my new home and have a special job here. I work with adults and children who have mild to profound disabilities such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, scoliosis and Down syndrome. I also work with people who have a range of mental health difficulties and children who are in palliative care. I am a gentle, humble and extremely patient.


My name is Minstrel and I’m an Irish Sports Cob. I’m 20 years old and 15’1 hands high. Like many other horses here, I didn’t get a very good start in life. Fortunately, I have found my forever home with Ability and now work with teenagers who have a variety of emotional and mental health difficulties. I am a real confidence giver and make sure that whoever I am working with feels safe. I am a calm, kind and lovable gentle giant.