Therapeutic horse riding is a beneficial but expensive activity. For some children with additional needs it is the only fun outdoor activity they can participate in. Although Ability subsidise the lessons there is still a cost associated with each therapy session. Many of our clients have a parent that has given up paid work to become a full time carer and are in receipt of carer’s allowance.  Our goal is to further reduce the cost of sessions for families. You can help us do this by sponsoring a child. This can be a once off donation or a monthly direct debit.

You can provide a very deserving child with weekly therapeutic riding lessons and seasonal camps for €2,400 per year or €200 per month.

The only way to really appreciate the difference you can make to the lives of these children is to hear what their parents have to say.

Sponsor a Child Options:

  • Full Year: €2,400 per child
  • Half Year: €1,200 per child
  • Quarterly: €600.00 per child
  • Monthly: €200.00 per child