We run seasonal camps for children with additional needs and their siblings during school holidays at Easter, Halloween and during the summer. For many parents, this is the only camp available that is tailored to meet their children’s needs.

To see your child coming home from camp tired, happy and covered in muck just like their mainstream peers is priceless to parents. The camp runs for three hours giving carers some well-deserved respite. These camps are all about having fun. The children spend time with the animals, go on nature walks, paint the horses and enjoy arts and crafts.

Sample Camp Itinerary Duration:

  • 10am Camp Meeting: Introductions; talk though the camp’s events
  • 10.15 Ability’s energy burning nature walk
  • 10.45 Feeding time for the animals
  • 11.00 Horse Riding; Art and Crafts and Games – each child goes on a horse ride and take part in art and crafts projects and games
  • 11.45 Break – The children have their lunch
  • 12.00 Horse Riding; Art and Crafts and Games continue
  • 12.55 Wind down and prepare for home
  • 1pm Camp closes