We are now running stable management workshops at Ability Equine Assisted Therapy. These workshops are available to children and adults with or without additional needs.

The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with an insight into the care and management of horses. The emotional benefit of this activity can be very effective.  Stable management is ground work so the ability to be able to ride a horse is not necessary. The lessons are tailored to the ability of the individual person.

This workshop is an effective way of building up trust and confidence in people of all ages and abilities. Learning about the horse’s behaviour and body language will increase the level of trust around the horses. Achievable goals are set for all participants and a certificate is awarded at the end of each six week program.

Weekly sessions usually last one hour, although those that wish to stay for longer can do so for up to a maximum of three hours.

These sessions would make a perfect gap filler for siblings who are waiting around whilst a therapeutic lesson is taking place.

Participants will learn about:

  • How to groom
  • Mucking out a stable
  • How to tack up a horse
  • Horse nutrition and the correct feeds
  • Horse behaviour
  • Handling horses including leading and turning out